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Joshua Tree Charities

Helping Families Through Crisis

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Lending a Helping Hand

     At Joshua Tree Charities we focus on lifting up families in crisis. We help individuals regardless of cultural, religious, or social background. As a family-based organization and having suffered through crisis ourselves we understand those who are in need. Our focus is on one family or person at a time ensuring their designated needs are met before pursuing another project. In this way, the funds directly impact the person's journey to complete restoration.

      Together with our generous sponsors who want to help our community and those in need. We provide families the assistance necessary to maintain their dignity and self-respect allowing them the opportunity to become self-sufficient once the crisis ahs passed.   

    As founders of JTC we personally cover administrative costs. Our staff is comprised of volunteers who donate their time and energy. This allows one hundred percent of denotations to go directly to families in need

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Our Current Act of Love

It Starts With the Will to Make a Difference

Please let us introduce you to Nelson, his wife Maria, and their twins Nelsia and Caleb who are eleven years old. Nelson is originally from Langue Valle, Honduras. At a very young age, Nelsons' father taught him and his siblings to work the farmlands. He has continued with his love of the outdoors and horticulture with his landscaping business.  He has resided in the United States for the last 16 years.

Feeding Children

One of our main causes here at Joshua Tree Charities is Feeding Children, an issue that touches many lives, particularly those in the greater Las Vegas area. We spend a significant portion of our resources on tackling this problem. See how you can help by reading more or contacting one of our representatives.

Housing the Homeless

One of the main reasons Joshua Tree Charities was founded in 2021 was to compensate for the greater Las Vegas area’s struggles with Housing the Homeless. We’ve dedicated a lot of man-hours and invested countless resources to this charitable cause, and hope you’ll help us continue this work. See how you can by contacting us below.

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